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Public School vs Catholic School

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My darling oldest granddaughter will be attending kindergarten in the fall. We’re all excited for her of course. She’s excited too. Then comes the decision “Catholic school? Or public school?”. Her mom’s decision was based on the type of school system and its test results in her area rather than on the Catholic faith. Budget came into the mix as well.

Here’s where it matters the most. Catholic schools have been notorious for their excellent education. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, private schools score higher on standardized tests than public schools. So, unless you live in an area that beats their education, Catholic schools seem like the right thing to do for your child. The teacher to student ratio is lower than in public schools. The lunches are healthier, there are no governmental restrictions making cutbacks. The children learn well, behave well, and are polite. I have not met a wild child from a Catholic school (maybe they get expelled to public schools- hmmmm).

Then comes the religion part. Yes, your child is going to learn the Catholic faith. So, if this offends you, public or home school is your option. If it’s okay – then Catholic school is for you. Tuitions range from $2600-$6000. You can apply to your local Archdiocese for tuition help if needed. Also, some towns give you a tax discount if you’re not using their school system. This is far and few, but worth a shot.

I will report on how the granddaughter does in her education. It’s only kindergarten, I know, but it’s an important step into her loving education.

What’s your thought? Catholic school? Homeschool? Or Public?

Yes! You Should Be Able to Decide!

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I saw this statement on a pro-choice site and it occurred to me that, YES!!! Everyone should be able to decide if, when, how, and with whom they start or grow a family. As an anti-abortion Catholic woman, I totally agree.  That’s why there’s the choice to use birth control, and/or abstinence if you DEFINITELY don’t want to parent with that jerk.  You decide by CHOOSING not to get pregnant with someone you don’t want to be with.  Birth control has been proven to be effective.  If you CHOOSE to have unprotected sex, well then – you choose to have a baby because that’s what happens with unprotected sex, right?  Ya, ya, I know that birth control can fail 0.0099%.  Tell me, how in heck did it fail for over 54 million times? (The number of abortions in America since 1973 -I’m going to puke) I don’t understand that.

The next failed argument is ‘I don’t see you taking in unwanted babies’.   Well… if there were actually ‘unwanted’ babies to take in, I would.  But since the few number of unwanted babies who actually come to term are taken up for adoption lickety-split, there’s none left for me.  Babies are adopted fast.  Bring your baby to term and offer adoption. You’ll see for yourself just how fast.  There are loving parents just waiting with open arms.

The next failed argument – there are hundreds of thousands of unwanted babies now.  Where? Tell me where in America are there hundreds of thousands of unwanted ‘babies’ now. Oh! You mean children who have been mentally abused by their parents who no longer want them because they can’t handle the mental instability of the child due to their own cause? Those babies? Now that’s irresponsible.   But let’s not let the children suffer. We have homes for these children.  Where do you think they live? In a homeless shelter? In an orphanage? Seriously, people reach out to children in need ALL THE TIME.  You will find these people are Christians. Period.   It’s what we do. We protect those who cannot protect themselves. Like unborn children.


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