Jesus Bucks Are The Best!

Are you having concerns about class management? Jesus Bucks might be your answer. You can find Jesus bucks at Visit their site to get the original Jesus Buck. It’s totally free.

Here are some examples of classroom problems that have changed due to Jesus Bucks.

  • Problem: arrival time is chaotic, talkative, excited, noisy, rambunctious. This takes time to settle down and get to work.
  • Cure: Jesus Bucks given to all who enter quietly, sit in their seats and work on the ‘bell work’ paper. Bell work is simply something like a word search, or a crossword puzzle, for example, that pertains to the lessen of the week.


  • Problem: students not paying attention during presentation of the material.
  • Cure: Jesus Bucks given to any student who paid attention during the presentation. (usually about 20-25 minutes)


  • Problem: Students are disruptive during class.
  • Cure: Jesus Bucks to all students who listened quietly during class.


  • Problem: Students not working as a team on group projects.
  • Cure: Jesus Bucks to team member(s) identified as working together for a common goal.


  • Problem: Students not cleaning up after themselves after a project.
  • Cure: Jesus Bucks given to those students who helped clean up.


  • Problem; Students not exiting timely to meet their parents.
  • Cure: Jesus Bucks on the way out the door if within 2 minutes of the bell.


  • Problem: Students not trying hard enough to answer game questions.
  • Cure: Jesus Bucks to anyone who answers correctly, wins the game. Losers of the game get Jesus Bucks at a lesser amount because they certainly did try to win and learned something in the process (as long as they participated).


  • Problem: Transitioning from one activity to another takes long with all the chatter and excitement.
  • Cure: Jesus Bucks to anyone who transitions quietly.



As you can see, Jesus is the cure for everything :-). I use these bucks as awards for good behavior and winning games. So what? What this means is the student can collect the Jesus Bucks to buy prizes at the end of the school year. I collect inexpensive items to include in the prizes available. Here’s are some examples:
• Bibles
• Rosaries
• Tiny bible key chains (like really tiny. hilariously tiny)
• Stuffed emoji clips (poop ones removed)
• Jesus inspired bouncing balls
• Coloring books for adults with colored pencils
• Fancy pens
• Fancy pencils
• Pencil cases
• Makeup bags
• Highlighters
• Markers
• Games (like travel Connect Four)
• Puzzles (like Rubik’s Cube)
• Slinkys
• Silly putty
• Artist paper and paint
• Fancy notebooks
• Fancy post-it notepads
• Locker mirrors
• Locks
• Locker accessories
• Note books
• Tiny binders
• Auto rosaries
• Book marks
• Bracelets (WWJD)
• Bracelets with various sayings on them (proverbs)
• Glow sticks
• Small flashlights with Jesus sayings
• Inspirational message pens
• Journals
• Nail polish
• Nail care kit
• Drawstring backpacks
• Drinking cups with local coffee shop gift card
• Gift cards to iTunes
• Candy and lots of it. But I put these at a high cost because I don’t encourage it, but understand that Kids. Love. Candy. What can I say.

On the first day of school, the students see a photograph of the bribe loot that could be theirs. At the end of the year, at the last class, the students are presented with the loot and prices are posted. I choose low prices for bibles and inspirational information, and high prices for games, toys, and candy. I want them to choose the inspirational, of course.

This system of bribery has worked remarkably well in my classroom. I don’t have discipline problems, or chaos. Things flow pretty smoothly and on close to schedule. Jesus Bucks can work for any grade level. My students are 7th graders. But any grade up through 8th grade works. I imagine that high school students are mature enough to contain themselves and act appropriately. If not, they need to go back to Ms. MacKay’s 7th grade and learn it.


Comment below and let me know what you use for classroom management.   I love to hear what others do.

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