A Clever and Fun Way To Teach the Creed

This year’s theme for the 7th grade is The Creed. The Nicene Creed and the Apostles Creed. The year’s lessons center around each part of the Creed. To help the students learn the creed I developed a fun competitive game.

To make the game pieces;
1. Print out these pages four times. You will have four teams rebuild the Creed. I laminated the pages to last forever. You can find an inexpensive laminator at Amazon here (I am not an affiliate- it’s just awesome to have). Alternatively, you could paste to card stock for semi-permanency.

2. Cut out the pieces

3. Glue felt squares on the back to stick to a felt board. Or, you can give to build on the floor, or table.

4. Shuffle up each set (Do not mix the four sets together).
5. Have the students count of 1, 2, 3, 4. Then, send them to their respective corners of the room.
6. Give instructions that the students need to put the Creed in proper order. The catch is there are two Creeds in the pile, the students must identify which Creed the sentence goes with and in which order. The first team who finishes correctly wins first place which is worth $10 per player in the team. Second $6 and third $3 place also win a lesser amount of Jesus Bucks. Fourth place gets a consolation prize of one Jesus Buck.
7. Hit the Bell – or say ‘START’ whatever you use to start a game.
8. Once a team has called finished, instruct the students to continue to work since team may not be correct.

This game reinforces the Nicene and Apostles Creed and teaches the differences between two. Also helps with ‘team work’ skills. Oh! And it is fun. Breaks up the monotony of learning the Creeds.

Remember not to mix the cards together – keep each set separate.

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