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Teaching Children to Read From the Bible

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In my 7th grade class, my students are expected to read from the bible.  By 7th grade they should know the general location of the Books.  An example of reading from the Bible is, if the lesson calls on Scripture as a source, the students must go directly to the source.  I have one student read aloud. This gets their minds in motion to learn that the Bible has the answers we need in life.

As an assignment for homework I have the students read a few chapters a week.  In theory it works but in reality there will be students who won’t read the Bible.  During our wrap-up time at the end of class, we toss a ball around as I ask questions about today’s lesson and the assigned chapters.  Jesus Bucks to those who answer correctly. Some don’t understand the meaning of the chapters they read.  Some do.

Some interpret differently than others according to what is going on in their life.  This is a life lesson only reading the Bible can demonstrate.  I am fortunate enough to have the interpretations to the Scriptures so it helps me teach. I have had students question what the read.  With the help I get from the Holy Spirit, I can guide them to understanding of the Scripture and how it applies to their life today.

Please also note; there are many families who can’t afford a bible for their child.  I was fortunate enough to procure good children’s bibles which are easy to understand.  I give these to students without Bibles at home. Discreetly.

How about you? Do you have your son, daughter, student(s) read from the Bible daily? It’s great practice. Comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.

A Clever and Fun Way To Teach the Creed

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This year’s theme for the 7th grade is The Creed. The Nicene Creed and the Apostles Creed. The year’s lessons center around each part of the Creed. To help the students learn the creed I developed a fun competitive game.

To make the game pieces;
1. Print out these pages four times. You will have four teams rebuild the Creed. I laminated the pages to last forever. You can find an inexpensive laminator at Amazon here (I am not an affiliate- it’s just awesome to have). Alternatively, you could paste to card stock for semi-permanency.

2. Cut out the pieces

3. Glue felt squares on the back to stick to a felt board. Or, you can give to build on the floor, or table.

4. Shuffle up each set (Do not mix the four sets together).
5. Have the students count of 1, 2, 3, 4. Then, send them to their respective corners of the room.
6. Give instructions that the students need to put the Creed in proper order. The catch is there are two Creeds in the pile, the students must identify which Creed the sentence goes with and in which order. The first team who finishes correctly wins first place which is worth $10 per player in the team. Second $6 and third $3 place also win a lesser amount of Jesus Bucks. Fourth place gets a consolation prize of one Jesus Buck.
7. Hit the Bell – or say ‘START’ whatever you use to start a game.
8. Once a team has called finished, instruct the students to continue to work since team may not be correct.

This game reinforces the Nicene and Apostles Creed and teaches the differences between two. Also helps with ‘team work’ skills. Oh! And it is fun. Breaks up the monotony of learning the Creeds.

Remember not to mix the cards together – keep each set separate.

Public School vs Catholic School

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My darling oldest granddaughter will be attending kindergarten in the fall. We’re all excited for her of course. She’s excited too. Then comes the decision “Catholic school? Or public school?”. Her mom’s decision was based on the type of school system and its test results in her area rather than on the Catholic faith. Budget came into the mix as well.

Here’s where it matters the most. Catholic schools have been notorious for their excellent education. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, private schools score higher on standardized tests than public schools. So, unless you live in an area that beats their education, Catholic schools seem like the right thing to do for your child. The teacher to student ratio is lower than in public schools. The lunches are healthier, there are no governmental restrictions making cutbacks. The children learn well, behave well, and are polite. I have not met a wild child from a Catholic school (maybe they get expelled to public schools- hmmmm).

Then comes the religion part. Yes, your child is going to learn the Catholic faith. So, if this offends you, public or home school is your option. If it’s okay – then Catholic school is for you. Tuitions range from $2600-$6000. You can apply to your local Archdiocese for tuition help if needed. Also, some towns give you a tax discount if you’re not using their school system. This is far and few, but worth a shot.

I will report on how the granddaughter does in her education. It’s only kindergarten, I know, but it’s an important step into her loving education.

What’s your thought? Catholic school? Homeschool? Or Public?

10 Great Things about the Pregnancy Care Center

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I love the Pregnancy Care Center and help out when I can.  They’re always looking for volunteers and donations of clothing and baby items.  Check out their website for more information.

10 Great things about the PCC

1. It’s free. Totally free to any unexpectedly pregnant woman.
All services are free and confidential to all pregnant women and men who seek their services. Through the generosity of local churches, businesses, and families/individuals and a few grants the PCC has been able to keep its doors open since 1986. They are not eligible to receive Federal money.

2. They are giving. Their giving is without reciprocity.
Their time, dedication, baby clothes, maternity clothing, emergency formula and baby food supply, and services are given without the expectation of donation. A donation is extremely helpful, no doubt; but not necessary, at all.

3. They welcome everyone. Every race, creed, nationality, etc.
They do not judge. It doesn’t matter your economic status, the color of your skin, male or female, the cause of your pregnancy, PCC wants to help you make the right decision.

4. They have honest discussions about alternatives, if chosen.
PCC is Christian-based and therefore will not advocate or suggest terminating the pregnancy. They will however, offer you information on what abortion is in its truth should you opt for abortion. It is PCC’s hope and prayer, that you will chose alternatives to abortion whether it’s keeping the child (with ongoing support), or putting the child up for adoption. The choice is for the parent(s) to make.

5. They have free recourse for moms-to-be.
Resources such as free ongoing counseling, sexual integrity and education, baby formula, baby food, and diaper emergency supply, clothing, toys, baby equipment such as cribs are available for moms-to-be.

6. They help a mom to keep her baby (or offer the baby to adoption if wanted)
By helping mom make a decision with good conscience, mom and dad will feel 100% in control of their pregnancy. Something they feel is lost when they first discover they are pregnant.

7. They are not an adoption agency.
Because there is absolutely no affiliation with an adoption agency (or adoptive parents), there is no chance of coercion, or kickbacks, or anything illegal. PCC is transparent, ethical, and moral in all their decisions.

8. They are not an abortion agency.
Because PCC is Christian based, abortions are not advocated. There is no chance to be coerced into having an abortion at all. In fact, the PCC will help you chose the best alternative to abortion.

9. They are Christian-based.
Because of their strong Christian faith, they have formed alliances with surrounding churches in the area. There are many more alliances they are seeking and currently have plans to expand. One does not need to be Christian to obtain their services, but must understand they are Christian based.

10. They offer counseling to those who have had abortion(s) in the past to help heal.
PCC makes no judgement on any man or woman who has had an abortion. They offer free counseling for those who seek help in coping a past decision to abort. A 10-week Bible study program runs 4 times per year to help post-abortive men and women cope and forgive themselves.